We are the Southern Md Chapter of the Iron Order MC, aka The Southern Md Crew. We are but one chapter of the largest independent MC in the world. The Southern Md Chapter was born on
9-15-2012 and is made up of men that share a common passion for riding bikes, having good times and a desire for true brotherhood. Each of us live here, work here, raise our families here and are productive and positive members of Southern Maryland . Find us on
Facebook too!

The Iron Order MC is a traditional MC. We proudly wear a 3 piece patch. We are not a riding club or social club. We take our commitment to this brotherhood very seriously and demand the same from those who would try to join us. We are not an "outlaw motorcycle gang" or "1% ers". We are an independent MC and are not associated with any other club. We show respect to all that show respect to us. Don't believe what you read on some of the forums - we are not a "cop club" . We do have cops in our club as well as Military Vet's, Firemen, Steel Workers and any other type you can imagine. Find out for yourself and come out and join us for a ride or at the local watering hole. If you would like to come out and meet us or think you have what it takes then
contact us.

To learn more about Iron Order MC history click on this link -
Iron Order an International Brotherhood
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