Ghostwriter Marketing: From Market Analysis to Business Plan

Ghostwriter Marketing – there are professional ghostwriters for every department. This can be a thesis as a marketing expert or a thesis on marketing. Also, if you want to write a thesis or ask a bachelor thesis for ghostwriting marketing. 

Sample topics for ghostwriter marketing

Frequently, marketing concepts are required in the diploma thesis. In the course of digitization, topics relating to digital advertising or online advertising are currently being asked by ghostwriters for marketing. Our ghostwriters then research literature. For current topics such as mobile marketing especially magazine articles or certain blogs and websites are relevant. But not only theses about digital marketing are in demand. Also marketing work that includes a concept for a restaurant or a new product will be created. This includes location analyzes, recommendations and very specific marketing concepts. Of course, our marketing ghostwriters work with the familiar models, whether it’s Porter’s Five Forces Model, the St. Gallen Management Model, or the BCG Matrix: they’re professionals in their field.

SWOT analysis, utility analysis: to be written by a professional 

Our ghostwriters for marketing start with an outline and sift through the literature. Depending on the requirements of the work, this contains a theoretical part. Theses like diploma theses mostly want to see practical applications. Thus, in ghostwriting marketing, SWOT analysis, utility value analyzes, market analyzes, as well as customer surveys are created and carried out. Frequently, the question of how to proceed here is precisely in interviews. Of course we also create interview guides.