Ghostwriter Philosophy: Nietzsche, Kant, Herder, Weiss – a wide spectrum

Philosophy is a wide field. Because the courses are mostly interdisciplinary. Thus, for example, the subject of cultural studies includes many philosophical elements. And the subject of history comes into contact with philosophy, as many other subjects too. In most of the works dealing with the subject of philosophy, no data are collected (empirical work). Instead, they are literary works that reflect on and throw a different perspective or perspective on things.

Ghostwriter philosophy

Basically, a ghostwriter philosophy has a very broad knowledge and is based in the humanities. Meanwhile, at universities in philosophy as well as in other subjects, the writing of term papers, seminar papers, essays and, of course, the theses required. In short, citation and literature is standard.

What does philosophy do?

Philosophy tries to explain the world and the human being out of pure consideration. Ultimately, the question of the meaning of life is also discussed in this subject. It is not for nothing that it belongs to the humanities, because the mind dominates this discipline. Below the line, the subject is usually divided into:

  • Theoretical philosophy (logic, epistemology, philosophy of science …)
  • Practical philosophy (ethics, law, politics …)
  • Newer disciplines (mind and consciousness, game theory …)


As an example, why the philosophy is interdisciplinary, we want to lead the game theory here. Because it is not only discussed in philosophy, but also in psychology and business administration. Especially in sub-areas such as service management game theory is a classic part of the exam. Therefore, it is advisable – no matter which subject you study, deal with the basics of philosophy a little. Because everyone will be confronted with questions of philosophy during his studies.